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Owner: Beertravel s.r.o.
Kurzova 2222/16, Stodůlky, 155 00 Praha 5, IČO: 08004595

File number: C 310599 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze
Phone: (+420) 777 689 390
Email: info@praguebeerbus.com
Adress: Kurzova 2222/16, Stodůlky, 155 00 Praha 5
Opening hours: PO-PÁ 10-17.00


I declare that I will take part in a ride on the beer bus under the trade name of “PRAGUEBEERBUS” www.praguebeerbus.com, operated by the company Beertravel s.r.o., identification number 08004595 with its registered office at Kurzova 2222/16, Stodůlky, 155 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic (hereinafter “Operator”) at my own risk and responsibility and thus, I am aware of the Operator not being responsible for any health or property damage, if such damage occurs. I am aware of the increased risk of injury. I further declare that I am medically fit and have no physical or mental limits which would make me unable to use the service of the Operator regarding the beer bus ride with the possibility of consuming alcoholic beverages. I declare and agree not to claim for any damage against the Operator if such damage is caused when riding and using the beer bus. I acknowledge and agree that ride on the beer bus could be suspended without money compensation in case of repeated violation of the operator’s policies and instructions. Everyone is obliged to carry ID or passport during the whole ride. In case of police check-up of the beer bus user with not valid ID or passport can result in a fine police, which is payed full by this particular customer. I agree with the GDPR data processing. Operator and its authorized suppliers process and use my personal data for the purpose of marketing activities and services related to the activity of Operator. Operator handles his customer data very sensitively. You can read our policies online in our Terms and Conditions. You may withdraw this consent at any time without notice,to e-mail info@praguebeerbus.com. I also agree with the Operating Rules, Personal data processing (GDPR), Terms and conditions, Safety Rules and Operator’s instructions, which I will follow.


The Seller’s service and price information is binding, except for obvious error. The prices are presented including all taxes (eg VAT) and fees.

Accepted forms of payment are solely online payments, by VISA or MASTERCARD online. Due to this method of payment, we do not fall under the EET Act, according to the Act on Sales Revenue. Accepting an offer with an addition or a deviation is not an acceptance of the offer.

Confirming the content of a contract concluded in a non-written form that deviates from the actual content of the contract has no legal effect. Acceptance of unsolicited performance by the buyer does not imply acceptance of the offer.


The seller delivers the services to the buyer complete. The buyer is obliged to take over and pay the goods. If the Buyer so requests, the Seller shall confirm in writing to what extent and for what period his obligations from defective performance and how the Buyer may exercise the rights therefrom. The price of the services is always set using the booking form on our website.

If the buyer does not accept the goods or services at the agreed time, he is obliged to pay the seller the cancellation fee. The amount of this fee is set by mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer and includes covering the costs necessary to prepare the beer-bike (maintenance and delivery of the vehicle, cost of personnel, order of the barrel of beer)

The seller is entitled to sell the goods in an appropriate manner after the buyer has been demonstrably notified by e-mail and has given him a new reasonable time for receipt. The seller is entitled to offset the costs of storage and costs of vain delivery of goods due to a lack of cooperation on the part of the buyer in the necessary amount.


Regarding the COVID-19 situation rebooking to a different date is possible without any rebooking fees. Rebooking between PRAGUE BEER BIKE and PRAGUE BEER BUS is possible for free. We advise all groups 2 months prior to departure to wait with cancellations which is connected with cancellation fees. Situation with COVID-19 can change back to normal in upcoming days or weeks, please be patient.

48hrs before departure – 100% cancellation fee
2 months before departure – 50% cancellation fee

REBOOKING FEES (not apply to COVID-19 situation)
Rebooking fee 1.000 CZK is applied, when changing date and time of your already booked reservation more than 48 hours before departure.
Rebooking fee 50-100 EUR may apply when making changes to your reservation in last minute (48 hours before departure).
In case of “no-show” without prior notice, amount payed is forfeit. Always double check that you are booking the correct date and time.

You can start the refund application any time, and we will issue the refund for your ride based on our Cancellation fees (see up).


If the service is inadequate (for example, it does not have negotiated features, is not complete, does not match its quantity, measure, weight, or quality does not match other legal, contractual, or pre-contractual parameters), it is a service defect for which the seller is responsible. The Buyer may claim from the Seller immediately upon receipt of the Service the right to a free removal of the defect or to a reasonable discount on the price; if this is not disproportionate to the nature of the defect (especially if the defect cannot be removed without undue delay), a request for delivery of a new item free of defects or a new part without defects may be applied if the defect only concerns this component. If service adjustment is not possible, the buyer may request a refund of a pro rata portion of the purchase price based on a withdrawal.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the service without compensation in the event of repeated non-compliance with personnel calls, security policies, good behavior, or strong buyer’s underpinnings.

In the case of a defect that means a minor breach of contract (irrespective of whether the defect is removable or non-removable), the buyer is entitled to a defect removal or a reasonable discount on the purchase price.

The seller is not liable for defects caused by the operation of the service or failure to follow the instructions of the personnel.



The buyer is obliged to file a complaint with the seller or the person designated for repair without undue delay from the discovery of the defect.

If it is not possible to track the claim settlement status on-line, the Seller undertakes to notify the Buyer of the claim settlement by e-mail or SMS as required.


The Buyer agrees that the personal data provided by the Seller will be processed and stored by the Seller in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (No. 101/2000 Coll.) for the purpose of fulfilling the subject of the Contract. The Buyer has the right to be informed what data the Seller records about him and is entitled to change such data or to express his disagreement with their processing in writing. Supervision of personal data protection is performed by the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The buyer may tell the seller that he wishes to stop receiving commercial communications to the email address obtained in connection with the performance of the contract without incurring any costs.

General courts resolve disputes between the seller and the buyer.