Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Beer bus is one of the famous Prague attractions. Its equipped with all you need for a perfect party. Sound system,  custom built interior, and of course draft beer. Chairs in the bus are faced against each other, so everyone in your group can chat and drink, while on the road viewing major city highlights.

Bigger double decker is suitable for a private events and larger groups. It offers a magnificient view from upper sun deck with open roof. It has got 4 beer taps, so you can tap your own beer. By default it comes with two 30 litres kegs of beer. Because of the size of the bus, it can go only on a fixed route through the city. 

If you are a smaller group up to 13 people, the smaller bus is much better option. The interior is custom designed, equipped with aircondition, beer holders and comfy red seats. There is one waitress on board which takes care of one beer tap and serving beer. This bus route can be customized, so it can pick you up at your hotel, airport or agreed destination in the city center and drop you whenever you like – in your next destination – bar or night club. Usually, the pickup is a nice suprise for the groom.

We are operating every day, from 9am till midnight. Please keep in mind that you have to book online first. We are not at our adress permanently during the whole day. You can choose a time and date of your ride in our online booking system.

Our route goes through the city centre, Old Town and main Prague sights: Old Town Square, Powder Tower, various churches and beautiful streets of central Prague. We can modify a route if agreed beforehand.

Please take into account, that smaller bus can go to the city center, while bigger double decker has to stay on main roads.

We want to offer both mainstream and alternative breweries. As standard the beer bus comes with unlimited ALL YOU CAN DRINK beer. We have always a keg of Gwern 10°, which is a beer brewed in a small brewery in the village Nupaky near Prague. It is brewed without conservants, chemical extracts and additives. The name GWERN refers to celts mythology and means “tree”.

If you want something extra, we can offer you upgrade to the most famous beer in the world – Pilsner Urquell – you could not miss this one! Ask any czech people on the street which beer is the best! “Plzeň” as the Pislner Urquell is called in Czech, is a national treasure and a must – try!

We have always a fresh keg at a ready!

Maximum capacity of the smaller beer bus is 13 people (excluding our waitress and driver). Maximum capacity of the double decker beer bus is 30 people (excluding our waitresses and driver). 

The prices shown above are for a whole group. It does not matter if you come in a group of two or thirteen people, the price is still the same. The more the merrier:) We do not sell separate tickets, group bookings only.

Your party = your music. Connect to our audio system with your phone with bluetooth, and play whatever you like as loud as you want!

Do not worry. We have several toilet stops on the way! If you need more – feel free to ask our personnel.

Beer bus is a good option for bachelorette parties! You can select a prosecco keg instead of beer, or boost your ride with non alcoholic options. Let the party begin!

You are booking certain time and date of the service. If you come late, the ride could be shortened, based on other reservations and personnel working duties, breaks, cleaning service etc.

For a succesfull payment your card must be activated for “3D secure payment”. Most of VISA and MasterCard have this option available, but sometimes it is blocked by default. If you keep getting error messages when trying to pay, contact your bank and ask about “3D secure payment” allowance. Or log in to your online banking to activate it with sufficient limit allowance.

Always you can pay by bankwire payment with IBAN and SWIFT codes which you will receive when booking.

Please let us know if your are not coming to the ride. If you manage this before 48hrs prior departure, we will resell your time slot to another group and return the payment. If you fail to do so, please keep in mind that there is a 100% CANCELLATION FEE. For more see our Terms and conditions

Due to Czech legislative, alcohol can be consumed by persons above 18 years of age. Short checkup of passport / ID could be required to prove your legal age.

Any other questions? Please Contact Us

Any other questions?
Please Contact Us